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This monthly pack I felt inspired to do a fruit themed pack to ring in spring! These beauties are full of happy pastel colors making for the perfect Easter treat or during these days quarantine fuel! I hope you love this months creations!


Blueberry Muffin Wookie 

Introducing the Blueberry Muffin Wookie brought to you by the April Pack!🌟


This happy Wookie is made with a fluffy blueberry muffin Wookie dough! To make this perfect dough I’ve added in everyone’s favorite Jiffy mix for a match made in heaven! Next, this baby is packed full of white and pastel chips before being topped with a beautiful vanilla drizzle, festive sprinkles, and a festive Oreo! This beauty is a blueberry muffin in Wookie form. Pair with your morning coffee, and you’ve just created the most simple yet delicious breakfast of champs !


Banana Cream Pie Wookie

Next up is the Banana Cream Pie Wookie , courtesy of the April Pack! 🙌🏻


Starting with my new banana cream pie Wookie dough (yes trust me, it’s better than you can imagine!), this sweet delight is baked to perfection with its filling of simple yet tasty vanilla wafers and white chips before being topped with creamy banana cream pie pudding and more crushed vanilla wafers! This one turned out better than I could have expected and reminded me of the banana pudding I grew up making with my Momma.❤️ You’re gonna love it, I just know it!


Apple Crisp Wookie

Coming at ya with #3 in the April Pack lineup, the Apple Crisp Wookie !🤤


Beginning with my mouth watering brown sugar Wookie dough, this tantalizing treat is packed full of Apple Crisp Pop-Tarts, white chips, AND caramel chips! THENNNNN (that’s right, you knew I wasn’t done!) I filled ‘er up with cinnamon apples to create the magical Wookie that it is! Finally, I topped it off with a vanilla drizzle, cinnamon graham crackers, and festive sprinkles. The cinnamon graham crackers really give that final touch to complete this sweet, crunchy, and fruity gourmet treat!


Lemon Poppyseed Wookie

If you love my other lemon dough-based Wookies, you’re going to fall head over heels for this bad baby! Are you ready?! Here she is, the Lemon Poppyseed Wookie , #4 of the April Pack!


It’s a lemon poppyseed Wookie dough that is stuffed with white and pastel chips, all before being topped with a light drizzle of sweet white chocolate and a touch of mouth watering lemon glaze, all made complete with its final touch that is a lemon Kit Kat! You’ll want this, trust me.😍



    $12.00 2/3 DAY PRIORITY MAIL

    All Wookies are prepared and baked fresh during the week and shipped out Saturday by USPS 2/3 Day Priority Mail. All orders must be in by Sunday night to be prepared the following week and shipped out Saturday! I bake and ship once a week. So if you order on a Monday unfortunately your order will not go out for up to 12 days. If you have a larger order or need something sooner contact me via email or chat or make a NOTE at checkout and I will try to accommodate.  I will always email your tracking information once your Wookies are on their way!

  • VARIETY PACKS can not be combined.

    Monthly Limited Edition Packs are SOLD AS IS. Limited batches are made each week so this is to ensure everyone gets all 4 Wookies.

    Monthly Limited Edition Packs CAN NOT be added to other variety packs or the Wookie Monster Mystery Pack.


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