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Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink


LIMITED EDITION Kitchen Sink! I don't know how I haven't made this creation yet!! 


This magical masterpiece is made with a brown sugar oatmeal Wookie dough! Packed with chocolate chips, mini semi sweet chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, M&M's, pretzels and last but not least ruffled potato chips!


Get this while you can its limited stock!

Out of Stock

    Don't want to eat right away? Put your Wookies in the FREEZER! You can freeze them for months! I have frozen my Wookies for up to a year and they taste just as good. Now lasting that long in the freezer I doubt will happen since they are just too good but this will help put you at ease if you were wondering if you should stock up! DO IT!


    $10.00 2/3 DAY PRIORITY MAIL

    All Wookies are prepared and baked fresh during the week and shipped out no later than MONDAY by USPS 2/3 Day Priority Mail. All orders must be in by Sunday to ship MONDAY! I bake and ship once a week. So if you order on a Monday your order will not go out for up to 7 days. I will always email your tracking information once your Wookies are on their way!

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