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NOVEMBER PACK: Autumn Harvest

Hello my Wookie Monster Family! New month brings a new pack! For the November Pack I bring to you…. AUTUMN HARVEST! These Wookies are inspired by Thanksgiving dessert traditions! These are just a few of my favorites from my childhood along with a couple new creations I dreamed up. I honestly can’t pick a favorite!


1.) Apple Pie

Of course we have Apple Pie as one of the Wookies at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Made with an apple cinnamon Wookie dough packed with Little Debbie Apple Fruit Pies, cinnamon chips that just burst in your mouth and finally topped with an APPLE PIE COOKIE! #acookieonawookie 



2.) Pumpkin Cheesecake

This one is pretty magical and necessary at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Best of both worlds with pumpkin and cheesecake am I right?! Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Wookie dough, pumpkin spice truffles and pumpkin spice rolls all rolled into one magical Wookie dough. This beauty is topped with festive fall sprinkles! #PumpkinCheesecakeWookie


3.) Pecan Pie

Another M U S T have the #PecanPieWookie this one will stop you in your tracks and leave you speechless. Made with my brown sugar Wookie dough and P A C K E D with mini pecan pies. YES you read that right, there are PECAN PIES IN THE WOOKIE! This Wookie is topped with my homemade candied pecans making every bite one to remember. #WookiemadewithWaffleQueenlove


4.) Pumpkin Carrot Cake

This one needs no introduction. It is a necessary staple in any home for Thanksgiving. T R U S T  M E! Carrot Cake Wookie dough, all the pumpkin pie poptarts, a sprinkle of Waffle Queen heart, baked to pure perfection, and finally topped with a scrumptious carrot cake Oreo! You will wish you had 4 more! #PumpkinCarrotCakeWookie



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