The TABITHA Wookie

Pumpkin Carrot Cake better known as The Tabitha.... Why is it called the Tabitha you ask... well because this beauty was created especially for a dear Wookie Monster for her post show Wookie heaven. It was a creation of all things that bring her joy!


Okay so whats in it??? This masterpiece is made using my Carrot Cake Wookie dough, all the pumpkin pie poptarts, a sprinkle of Waffle Queen heart, baked to pure perfection, and finally topped with a scrumptious carrot cake Oreo! You will wish you had 4 more! #PumpkinCarrotCakeWookie #TheTabithaWookie


    $12.00 2/3 DAY PRIORITY MAIL

    All Wookies are prepared and baked fresh during the week and shipped out Saturday by USPS 2/3 Day Priority Mail. All orders must be in by Sunday night to be prepared the following week and shipped out Saturday! I bake and ship once a week. So if you order on a Monday unfortunately your order will not go out for up to 12 days. If you have a larger order or need something sooner contact me via email or chat or make a NOTE at checkout and I will try to accommodate.  I will always email your tracking information once your Wookies are on their way!

  • VARIETY PACKS can not be combined.

    Monthly Limited Edition Wookies CAN NOT be added to other variety packs or Wookie Monster Mystery Pack.





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