Happy March! This month I am bringing you a whole new kind of pack! This back was created by one of our very own Wookie Monsters!! I thought it would be fun to let one of YOU create the pack. Yes it has some of my Waffle Queen flares and touches on it but the inspiration was all done by our long time Wookie Monster, Hunter! He has been a beloved Wookie Monster since first conception in 2018.


Hunters creations are inspired by POPTARTS!! We hope you enjoy!


“Slammin Strawberry”

  • DOUGH: made with a strawberry poptart Wookie dough
  • MIX INS: white chips, strawberry poptarts
  • FILLED with strawberry jam (oh my goodness, this makes it!)
  • TOPPINGS: Red sprinkles + white chocolate drizzle + 1 mini pop tart bites... PEFECTION!


“Velvety Red”

  • DOUGH: red velvet Wookie dough (NEWWWW DOUGH ALERT!)
  • MIX INS: white chips, red velvet pop tarts (one of my personal favorite poptarts)
  • TOPPINGS: cream cheese frosting spread + topped with red velvet cupcake crumbles (your Queen made red velvet cupcakes just to use as a topper!! All the love in this beauty!)


“Roll Outta Bed”

  • DOUGH: brown sugar Wookie dough
  • MIX INS: mini chocolate chips, cinnamon roll pop tarts, pillsbury cinnamon rolls (baked and then added...along with all that yummy frosting)
  • TOPPINGS: rolled in cinnamon sugar dusting then oven baked and topped with a mini cinnamon roll (soooooo amazing)


“Smile S’more”

  • DOUGHS: S’more Wookie dough (NEW DOUGH ALERT!!)
  • MIX INS: milk chips, mini semi sweet chips, graham crackers (4-5), marshmallow fluff (1st time adding marshamllow fluff to a dough and its sooooooo dang good!)
  • TOPPINGS: milk chocolate drizzle + piece of s’mores pop tart adhered with marshmallow fluff

    $10.00 2/3 DAY PRIORITY MAIL

    All Wookies are prepared and baked fresh during the week and shipped out no later than MONDAY by USPS 2/3 Day Priority Mail. All orders must be in by Sunday to ship MONDAY! I bake and ship once a week. So if you order on a Monday your order will not go out for up to 7 days. I will always email your tracking information once your Wookies are on their way!

  • MONTHLY LIMITED EDITION PACKS can not be combined.

    Monthly Limited Edition Packs are SOLD AS IS. Limited batches are made each week so this is to ensure everyone gets all 4 Wookies.

    Monthly Limited Edition Packs CAN NOT be added to other variety packs or the Wookie Monster Mystery Pack.