Hey! I’m Tabitha Lolley aka the human behind the inspo for “The Tabitha” Wookie, and I KNOW you’re going to love it!

I’m a mom, online fitness coach, and body builder and I’ve got a LOVE for all things that make your heart, body, and soul smile. That’s why I fell in love with coaching.. and WOOKIES! There’s no greater feeling in the world than being able to teach and help another human being achieve a better, overall self. Whether that’s within their mindset and/or their physique. I’d say it’s like magic, but the work that I witness another being bring to fruition from a plan I’ve created is far more beautiful than even magic.

That’s literally what I see Sarah do with Wookies. She creates these incredible treats that somehow captures happiness and a hug in the form of sugar, dough, and flavors that make both your tummy and soul smile.

Every single WOOKIE is not just handmade, it’s hand crafted. Her love for creating them along with the love that is felt eating them are what has created this incredible community surrounding her beloved Wookies.

And I take great pride in saying these are the best baked goods I’ve EVER had, both for the quality that goes inside and the quality of the human behind them.

“THE TABITHA” was created after one of Sarah and I’s long convos over what probably started out with life talk and turned into WOOKIE brainstorming aka our fave talk haha! It was my very first post body building show treat and encompasses my most favorite of flavors, carrot cake and pumpkin pie! It just gives that perfect spice flavor that only holidays + happy hugs can produce, and after a single bite I knew I’d found the holy grail of goods!

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on them and taste happiness and a hug in the form of a WOOKIE!


This masterpiece is made using my Carrot Cake Wookie dough, all the pumpkin pie poptarts, a sprinkle of Waffle Queen heart, baked to pure perfection, and finally topped with a scrumptious carrot cake Oreo!





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