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Pictured, Sarah Bagnato aka Waffle Queen

I was an NPC Bikini Competitor and an avid lover of waffles in ALL forms. In 2016, I shared my competitive journey to the stage on my social media platform, I would also share my waffle creations. Every Wednesday, #wafflewednesday , I would post a new creation. It was my followers on social media that dubbed me the "Waffle Queen", and ever since, the name just stuck!  In 2018 my latest creations, "Waffle Queen Wookies" began to sky rocket as it was the first ever Waffle Queen Creation that was shippable in the U.S!

My love for baking stemmed from growing up with my mother baking cookies in the kitchen. She had told me growing up she would love to open up a cake shop. We took cake decorating classes together, that was not my gift but it sure was hers. I would bake with her whenever I got a chance, she had even nicknamed me "Cookie"! That love and passion for baking is instilled in me to this day.


My love for fitness came from the loss of my mother to cancer. I wanted to heal people from ever becoming sick by working from the foundation up. So I dived into health, fitness, nutrition. I had a passion for waffles and wanted to make them into a healthier version so protein waffles were created! You can find my protein waffles at local events in Panama City Beach. Follow me on my Facebook and IG to see where I will be next. Through baking it has allowed me to still feel that connection with my mother even after she has passed. It is my vision to fulfill a dream she never got to.

On this site you can order my Wookies (waffle + cookie) which were created after hurricane Michael in 2018. They were a way for me to generate revenue after the devastating hurricane ripped through our town and a way for me to share my creations across the US. They are made with your traditional cookie ingredients but waffled on the bottom to sustain my signature trademark of a waffle! The texture the waffled bottoms gives is magical and unlike any cookie you've ever tasted!

Any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Have a beautiful day!




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