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Red Is For Lovers (Red Velvet) Wookie

Red Is For Lovers (Red Velvet) Wookie


This Valentine's day FAVORITE is here to stay! A combination of your favorite classic red velvet cake with my delicious white chocolate Wookie dough filled with a cream cheese frosting and white chocolate chips and then topped with a red velvet, cream cheese filled Chips Ahoy Cookie! Talk about a match made in heaven. (Red Velvet Oreo as seen in picture is no longer availabe in stores so the Chips Ahoy Cookie was its replacement)


    $10.00 2/3 DAY PRIORITY MAIL

    All Wookies are prepared and baked fresh during the week and shipped out no later than MONDAY by USPS 2/3 Day Priority Mail. All orders must be in by Sunday to ship MONDAY! I bake and ship once a week. So if you order on a Monday your order will not go out for up to 7 days. I will always email your tracking information once your Wookies are on their way!

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